John Deere Power Systems 13.6 L Engine

At CONEXPO 2017, John Deere introduced its 13.6 L engine features single and dual turbocharger configurations for improved packaging capabilities.

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John Deere Power Systems has revealed its 13.6 L engine, the first of its next generation engines.

  • Designed to meet future needs of global markets
  • Offers customers increased efficiency, installation flexibility and power in more compact package
  • Integrated high-pressure common-rail fuel system reduces diesel fuel consumption at rated speed
  • DEF consumption has been reduced through design enhancements that improve combustion process 
  • Provides reduction in size and weight compared to other engines in same power range
  • Offers maximum variable speed power rating over 500 kW (684 hp)
  • Employs full-authority electronic controls and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
  • Single and dual turbocharger configurations offer OEM customers improved packaging and greater application flexibility
  • Equipped with a rear gear train to reduce noise compared to previous models
  • Offers full power from front and rear of engine while providing capability to add more pumps with an integrated power take-off (PTO)
  • Comes with multiple aux drive connections 
  • Hydraulic lash adjusters (HLA) provide optimum valve train performance, less noise and lower wear, while all but eliminating valve lash maintenance
  • Will be available with two Integrated Emissions Control system sizes which can be mounted horizontally or vertically, providing greater packaging and integration flexibility
  • Inline packaging also provides improved integration, reduced connection points, resulting in robust thermal management
  • Future Integrated Emissions Control system configurations will be available to help OEM customers meet different levels of global emissions standards
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