Technology News Tracker: Engine Hybridization Gains Momentum

Development of hybrid engines continues to increase as manufacturers realize their potential to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Hybrid engine concepts pairing a smaller sized engine with batteries, motors and other electronic components are becoming more prevalent.

They can provide many benefits such as the ability to use smaller engines and optimize fuel or power options.

The Kubota Engines Micro-Hybrid system, for instance, pairs a 48V motor generator with an engine to offer a 10 kW power boost.

It integrates with the electronic engine management control, making it compatible with many of Kubota’s existing diesel and alternative fuel engines.

FPT's F28 Hybrid pairs a 74 hp engine with an e-flywheel which can provide 40 hp of peak power, and is optimized for Start & Stop capabilities.

Perkins recently introduced the second generation of its Hybrid-Electric concept offering an electric-only mode to aid quieter operation. 

As electric power sources like batteries have evolved and dropped in price, it has become easier to incorporate them into various machine systems.