Firwin Corp.

North York, ON M3J 2W8

Company Overview

Removable insulation blankets and Hard Coat insulation for engines and exhaust systems. Designed to fit manifolds, turbos, exhaust piping, silencers, catalysts/purifiers, and SCRs.

Company Details
1685 Flint Road
North York, ON M3J 2W8
Toll Free:877-347-9467

Leading manufacturer of removable insulation blankets and permanent hard coat insulation. For engine manifolds, turbos, elbows, exhaust piping, silencers, and catalysts / SCRs. Protects personnel, shields heat sensitive components, lowers ambient heat, reduces risk of fire, enables catalysts to operate at optimum efficiency. Industries served include on-highway, mining, marine, defense, power generation.

Key Contact
Brett Herman
Vice President, Sales & Customer Service
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