3B introduces high performance glass fiber for lighter weight gas cylinders

HiPer-tex H2020 from 3B is a high performance glass fiber which can reduce the weight and costs of gas storage cylinders.

3B - the fiberglass company

Pursuing its strategy to lead the innovation of glass fiber solutions for the transportation sector, 3B-the fiberglass company (3B) is launching HiPer-tex H2020 high performance roving to meet the needs for lighter and cheaper high pressure cylinders.

3B’s technological expertise and manufacturing know-how delivers a high performance glass with outstanding mechanical properties providing a significant greater strength. The new HiPer-tex H2020 roving offers more than 25% higher strength than standard glass by reaching 1,420 MPa in a typical unidirectional laminate (average glass volume fraction 60%).

Thanks to its exceptional strength, as well as to its high fatigue performance and acid resistance, 
HiPer-tex H2020 is at the moment the only glass fiber that can be used as sole material in the manufacturing of fully wrapped composite cylinders that are approved per the United Nations ECE R110 regulation.

“HiPer-tex H2020 provides an answer to the evolving requirements of the gas transportation market looking for large volume cylinders much lighter than steel cylinders and much cheaper than the ones designed with carbon fiber. HiPer-tex H2020 is the solution to address these needs. Compared with steel pressure vessels, HiPer-tex H2020 allowed cylinders achieve up to 50% weight saving for the same compressed natural gas cylinder designed under the ECE R110 standard,” says Eric Debondue, Automotive Market Manager at 3B.

Building upon the most recently developed sizing technology, the new HiPer-tex H2020 is specifically engineered for epoxy polymer systems used in filament winding processes. Its proprietary glass composition combined with optimized sizing technology allows cylinder producers to enjoy the easy processability and the increased productivity offered by glass fiber.

“Last but not least, HiPer-tex H2020 is now continuously produced at 3B, making this new benchmark product available globally for the benefit of the entire value chain,” explains Debondue.