Cat 816K Landfill Compactor Designed for Compaction, Low-Cost Operation

Caterpillar Inc.
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The foundation of the 816K’s purpose-built design is its massive, robotically welded main structures, featuring a full box-section rear frame that resists torsional shock and twisting forces, heavy-duty steering cylinder mounts to efficiently transmit steering loads into the frame, and an axle-mounting design that is optimized for increased structural integrity.

Three new wheel and tip configurations allow matching the 816K to the application. The Paddle Tip reduces weight and provides high performance with reduced fuel burn. The Plus Tip provides increased side-slope stability, and the Combination Tip provides an effective compromise of performance, fuel economy, and side-slope stability.

In addition, specialized guarding protects components from damage, debris accumulation, chemicals, and premature wear, including axle guarding that prevents material from wrapping and binding around the axles. The transmission oil tube is guarded, and the fuel tank is positioned away from debris in the front frame. A screened air inlet for the radiator is placed high at the rear of the machine to prevent debris from blocking airflow, and the grille’s design allows trash to fall away. Striker bars are designed to keep wheels free of debris, and optional cleaner fingers are available for use in cohesive soils and in material that packs between tips.


The C7.1 ACERT engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emissions standards with advanced technologies that do not interrupt the machine's work cycle. (A Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent configuration is available in certain areas.) The Cat Next Generation high-pressure/common-rail fuel system delivers fuel in a precise series of micro-bursts during each cycle, providing extremely efficient combustion, and control systems lower the engine’s average working speed for reduced heat loads and added fuel efficiency. An engine-idle-shutdown system saves fuel by eliminating excess idling.

The 816K's Caterpillar built planetary power-shift transmission features special metallurgy and gear heat-treating to ensure long-term durability. The transmission's Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) is designed to improve transmission shifting performance, provide a higher level of operator comfort, and increase production. Heavy-duty planetary axles complete the power train, the front is fixed and the rear oscillates ± 6 degrees.

Operators environment

The 816K’s Cat STIC™ Steering and Transmission Integrated Control combines steering and transmission control (directional and gear selection) into a single lever. Simple side-to-side movements of the low-effort lever provide precise steering maneuvers through 42 degrees of articulation right and left. Electrohydraulic implement controls use soft detents, and cylinders use electronically controlled stops for smooth operation. The left pedal serves as a brake, transmission neutralizer, and decelerator that overrides the engine-speed setting.

The operator’s environment is kept clean via filtered air that pressurizes the cab, and temperature is maintained with an automatic climate-control system. The cab is isolation- mounted to reduce vibration, and operator comfort is enhanced with an air-suspension seat or the available Cat Comfort Series III seat. Back-lighted membrane switches have LED indicators and ISO identification, and a standard rear-view camera system enhances operator awareness.

Serviceability and sustainability

Routine service points for the 816K, including grease fittings, are grouped for convenience and reached from ground level via swing-out doors or from non-slip platforms. A ground-level service panel includes a master disconnect switch with integrated lock-out/tag-out, DEF purge lamp for Tier 4 Final/Stage IV machines, circuit breakers, fuel-shutoff switch, and jump-start receptacle. Ecology drains help prevent spills, and side doors facilitate cleaning of the cooling system.

The 816K is designed for multiple machine lives and component rebuilds utilizing Caterpillar sustainable options such as the Reman and Certified Rebuild programs. These options could save a customer up to 70% of purchasing a new comparable machine by reusing components or replacing with manufactured components.

Cat Connect Technology

The Cat Vital Information Management system (VIMS™) notifies operators and technicians about potential problems, allowing issues to be resolved quickly, preventing unscheduled downtime. In addition, Cat LINK technologies wirelessly provide equipment managers with critical information, via the VisionLink® interface, including machine location, hours, fuel usage, idle time and event codes.

Cat COMPACT technologies combine advanced compaction measurement, in-cab guidance, and reporting capabilities to help consistently meet compaction targets, uniformly, in fewer passes, saving rework time and fuel. The factory-installed Cat Compaction Control system measures compaction values and provides 3D pass-mapping guidance that indicates when layers have reached optimum density. Mapping helps eliminate voids, optimizes cell space, and documents results.