Cummins Updates ISX15 Engine Fuel Economy

Cummins increases the fuel economy of its ISX15 engine.

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Cumminslo 10108212

Cummins Inc. confirms that its ISX15 engine delivers 6% fuel economy improvement with optimized combustion and improved calibrations released in early 2011. The ISX15 delivers on customers' expectations for better fuel economy and performance. These improvements offer customers 6% fuel economy advantage when compared with the 2007 ISX engine.

"Using our extensive bank of real-world data from customer field units and by working closely with our customers, we have been able to deliver significant calibration improvements that positively impact both fuel consumption and Diesel Exhaust Fluid consumption," says Steve Charlton, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer - Engine Business. "We know that many of our customers will realize even better than a 6% improvement. The range of improvement will vary depending on the customer's actual load factors and duty cycles."

These improvements, coupled with the capability of Cummins PowerSpec, allow customers to fully realize the fuel economy leadership of Cummins ISX15. "PowerSpec is a key component in the value that we deliver to our customers," states Jeff Jones, Vice President - Sales and Market Communications. "PowerSpec offers Cummins customers the ability to maximize fuel economy and enable performance features to best meet their operations needs."

PowerSpec is a free software tool provided by Cummins and is available for any on-highway customer to configure Cummins engines to the specific needs of their operation. PowerSpec includes a gearing calculator, feature/parameter settings, fault code management and trip information. The use of PowerSpec begins when the customer is choosing powertrain options. Customers use the gearing calculator to gear their vehicle for optimal fuel economy and performance. PowerSpec also allows Cummins customers the ability to configure proprietary engine features and parameters, such as road speed governor, idle speed management, Load-Based Speed Control and Gear-Down Protection. Customer preferences can be saved as a template to be downloaded to the engine. PowerSpec is also capable of reading fault codes and trip information, making it easy to get accurate information from the engine Electronic Control Module (ECM).

PowerSpec can be accessed and downloaded for free at PowerSpec's full functionality is available to support all Cummins 2010 on-highway engines (ISX15, ISX11.9, ISL9, ISC8.3 and ISB6.7), 2007 engines (ISX, ISM, ISL, ISC and ISB) and earlier engines.