Kohler Unveils Tier 4 Emission-Compliant Diesel Engine Line

Kohler recently unveiled its latest Tier 4 emissions-compliant diesel engine line which offers enhanced performance as well as cost savings.

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Kohler Engines, along with Italy-based Lombardini, a KOHLER Company, recently unveiled two Tier 4 Final emission-compliant, heavy-duty diesel engines for the industrial, construction and
agricultural markets. The KOHLER 1.9 Liter KDI1903TCR and the 2.5 Liter KDI2504TCR engines offer optimized fuel consumption, limited emissions, and remarkable performance without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

“KOHLER is expanding its power range offering with some very innovative solutions,” says Dick Fotsch, president of Kohler Global Power Group. “The power and torque of these engines in relation to their compact sizes and reduced fuel consumption have clear advantages to construction, industrial and agricultural equipment manufactures and end-users.”

Simple Tier 4 Final Emission Compliance

Achieving Tier 4 Final emission compliance without a DPF was possible through the efficient use of the engine’s components, including Kohler’s direct injection system, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxygenated catalyst (DOC). “Kohler has applied some tried-and-true technologies from the on-road diesel marketplace,” adds Fotsch. The high pressure common rail system (CSR) utilizes pressures at 2000 bar (29,000 PSI) resulting in better atomization of the fuel, improved fuel consumption and a reduction in emission particulates. The CSR, combined with the fuel mapping program and other systems, makes for improved exhaust emissions and Tier 4 Final compliance. “The lack of a DPF is a real breakthrough for engines at these displacements, and the technology systems built into the engines by Kohler and Lombardini are what makes them truly innovative at this power range,” says Fotsch.

Cost Savings

The same technology that makes the KOHLER KDI diesel engines Tier 4 Final emission compliant is also what makes the engines a money-saving alternative for original equipment manufacturers and owners. The compact size of Kohler’s new diesel engines offers increased compatibility and will fit existing and new equipment designed by manufacturers. Also, the direct injection system offers equipment owners the ability to save up to $1,400 on fuel and $116 on oil per year – when compared to indirect injection diesel engines with diesel particulate filters and based on
1,000 hours of annual operation at $3.75/gallon of diesel fuel and $4.10/quart of oil.

Enhanced Performance

There is no shortage of power built into the efficiencies and savings of the new KOHLER KDI diesel engines. The 1.9 Liter KDI1903TCR has 42 kW or 56 hp of power at 2600 rpm and 225 Nm or 166 ft. lbs. of torque at 1500 rpm. Kohler’s 2.5 Liter KDI2504TCR has a power density of 55 kW or 74.3 hp at 2600 rpm and 300 Nm or 221.3 ft. lbs. of torque at 1500 rpm. The engine’s mapping program within the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) monitors and manages the engine’s power output in varying conditions by injecting fuel multiple times into the combustion cycle to maximize torque and power when needed most.

Other features of the new diesel engines include less noise and vibration making it Kohler’s quietest diesel model, as well as a heavy-duty crankcase for increased durability to extend the life of the engine.

To complete the new engine series, Kohler has also developed mechanical injection versions. The new diesel engines will be manufactured in Reggio Emilia, Italy.