Witzenmann Helps Customers Prepare for Tier 4 Final

As Tier 4 Final regulation go into effect, Witzenmann providing engineering assistance to its customers to ensure they meet the new emissions regulations effectively.

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Emissions legislation in Europe, North America and Japan demands manufacturers of commercial vehicles and mobile equipment with extraordinary challenges. The last phase of the ambitious emissions regulations will take effect in 2014 and will then only permit around 10% of today's soot and NOx emission levels.

Witzenmann is considered the preferred development partner by construction equipment and commercial vehicle manufacturers and consequently is closely involved in the development processes for meeting these stringent environmental standards. The company benefits from its broad product portfolio for onroad and offroad applications (agricultural and forestry machinery, construction equipment and vehicles), and can draw on extensive experience in this field.

Comprehensive know-how

Early on, Witzenmann Engineering started cooperating with all notable international manufacturers on developing solutions for the ambitious goals and developing these to the point of maturity. The numerous reference projects with a Tier 4-compliant design are a witness to this technological lead.

Notably, the Witzenmann Group has this broad application know-how available at its 23 worldwide locations. All subsidiaries make use of unrestricted access to the development expertise at the Pforzheimer headquarters and can offer their customers technologically advanced solutions locally.

Globally positioned

Its global network of modern production locations enables the group of companies to not only provide customer-oriented production but also to offer intensive technological support "at short distances." The importance of this capability is demonstrated by the development trends in regions with booming economies.

Currently, the Tier 4 Final specifications only regulate the emission limits in the USA, Europe and Japan. However, globalization is accelerating the harmonization of standards. It can be expected that manufacturers in other countries are forced to ensure the exportability of their vehicles and machinery. Witzenmann is prepared and ready to support its customers locally with expertise and production capacities.