Sensors Inc.'s SEMTECH ECOSTAR Gaseous Portable Emissions Measurement System Certified to Meet UN-ECE.R-49

Sensors Inc. announces that its gaseous portable emissions measurement system SEMTECH ECOSTAR has been certified to meet UN-ECE.R-49.

TÜV Nord Mobilität GmbH & Co. KG has issued its certificate of approval for Sensors Inc.’s SEMTECH ECOSTAR gaseous portable emissions measurement system. The certificate confirms that ECOSTAR meets UN-ECE.R-49, Supplement 02-05 series of amendments, which is the most demanding test and evaluation of measurement instrumentation for engines and vehicles worldwide.

“Today, portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) are being judged by the same high standards for performance that laboratory instrument are held to,” says Robert Wilson, Vice President, Marketing and Sales. “Meeting this high standard has become essential as PEMS becomes an increasingly critical part of the engine design, development and certification process. PEMS has become more than a research or in-use compliance tool.”

SEMTECH ECOSTAR is the fourth generation of PEMS developed by Sensors Inc. under the SEMTECH brand name. It was designed to meet the most stringent requirements for analytical instrumentation known, including CFR 40 Part 1065 subpart D and J, as well as UN-ECE.R-49, while introducing a modular approach. This provides the customer flexibility in how the system is configured, meeting specific requirements for a wide range of applications. There have also been significant reductions in size, weight and power from previous generations of SEMTECH, greatly enhancing its ease of installation and use.

“Today’s announcement marks a significant achievement in the evolution of PEMS,” says Don Soenen, President and CEO of Sensors Inc. “SEMTECH ECOSTAR meets the same high standards required of the analytical instrumentation employed in engine and vehicle test cells around the world.”