Honda Displaying New GXR120 Engine at GIE+EXPO

During GIE+EXPO 2013, Honda will display a variety of its products including the new GXR120 Rammer engine.

Honda Gxr120 Rammer Engine
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Honda Power Equipment, a division of American Honda Motor Co. Inc., based in Alpharetta, GA, and its operating unit, Honda Engines, will have a dynamic presence at GIE + EXPO 2013 – the industry's largest showcase for outdoor power equipment distributed through dealers, retailers and distributors for consumer, professional and rental use. Honda Power Equipment manufactures and markets a complete range of outdoor power equipment products including general purpose engines, outboard marine engines, generators, lawn mowers, pumps, snowblowers, tillers and trimmers for commercial, rental and residential applications. American Honda Motor Co. Inc. is the world’s largest producer of engines across a diverse array of automotive, motorcycle and power equipment products. A world-class reputation makes Honda Engines the recognized choice for the construction and rental industries.

At this year’s venue in Louisville at the Kentucky Exposition Center, October 23 to 25, Honda Engines representatives will be available at the company’s indoor booth (#3118) and outdoor display area to discuss the company’s continued technological advancements and environmental commitment. The Honda Engines team will showcase its complete range of engines models, including the latest advancements for its GX Commercial Series Engines and the recent introduction of the all-new GXR120 general purpose engine, a model uniquely developed as an ideal source of power for rammers – equipment used to compact soil or other granular material.  Offered as a second power option to the reliable GX100 engine, the new GXR120 engine has been designed to provide superb durability and reliability for heavy-duty applications.  

In addition, Honda Power Equipment will have its company trailer on display in the outdoor exhibit area, equipped with an array of power equipment products. At GIE + EXPO 2013, the Honda Power Equipment team looks forward to discussing design enhancements to selected product lines including several general purpose de-watering pumps as well as the introduction of an all-new Industrial Series generator for construction and rental applications.

The Honda GXR120: A Closer Look at the All-New Rammer Engine

The Honda GXR120 is capable of meeting the high demands that rammers require of the engine, frame and operator. With a displacement of 121 cc, the engine can appropriately power 110 lb. to 175 lb. rammers at multiple altitudes with ease. Additionally, a new, special cast-iron cylinder sleeve and a high carbon-steel, dual-ball bearing crankshaft provide improved engine strength for rammer applications. To further enhance engine durability, the recoil starter and fan cover of the new GXR120 now are even more robust through the incorporation of steel in the design.

“Our new GXR120 engine has been developed to specifically provide the kind of power, fuel efficiency and easy operation that rammer products require,” says Michael Rickey, Senior Manager, Honda Engines. “The addition of the GXR120 to the Honda GX Series engines lineup delivers more value, versatility and performance to both our OEM customers and end users.”

When developing the GXR120 for the rammer marketplace, Honda engineers identified the need for a more compact and lightweight engine footprint to allow for more versatility in frame mounting. Using an Overhead Camshaft (OHC) orientation similar to the Honda GX100, Honda designers incorporated a maintenance-free, low-noise timing belt to create a smaller, lighter and quieter engine. 

With the rammer machine operator in mind, Honda integrated several features into the design of the GXR120 that make it easy and comfortable to control. Since quiet operation and low noise are critical for these end users, the GXR120 includes a newly designed and very compact muffler, which is 22 mm (0.87 in.) narrower than the muffler used as standard on the Honda GX100 engine. This smaller muffler, combined with the OHC engine layout, reduces operation noise by 1dB over the current GX100 engine. In addition, a heavy-duty recoil starter, together with an automatic decompression system, allow for easy engine starting, while an Oil Alert feature prevents the engine from starting if the oil level is too low. Also, a simple but innovative lubrication system with a dual-breather chamber optimizes engine lubricating performance in most rammer operating conditions.