Scania now offers complete range of Euro 6 engines

Through the introduction of its 730 hp V8 engine, Scania now offers a full range of Euro 6 engines.

Scania Euro6 Truck

With the introduction of the 730 hp V8, Scania’s range of Euro 6 engines in­cludes 15 Euro 6 engines in total. The arrival of Europe’s most power­ful Euro 6 truck engine is accompanied by the launch of a number of new features and services from Scania. Their common denomi­nator is Scania’s focus on providing outstanding total operating economy for customers.

Scania announces a number of new features and services. Scania is not only offering Euro 6 diesel engines, but also Euro 6 engines for alternative fuels, such as 100% biodiesel or gas. With 15 engines to choose from, Scania customers can always find the optimal engine to suit their applications.

“Scania is introducing a smorgasbord of class-leading new products and features,” declares Christopher Podgorski, Senior Vice President Trucks at Scania. “Our focus is to support our customers to be productive and profitable, today’s launch offers them new opportunities both when it comes to cost reduction and increased uptime.” 

A complete press kit consisting of seven press releases and lots of pictures can be downloaded from Scania’s media site:

  1. Scania’s range of Euro 6 V8s completed with the 730
  2. Proven technology and a solution for every need
  3. Scania’s Euro 6 range – fit for every application
  4. Increased efficiency thanks to sophisticated features
  5. Scania holds the lead in alternative fuels
  6. New rational functions in Scania Fleet Management
  7. Scania focuses on making bodybuilding easier