Groeneveld Group rebranding divisions under the Groeneveld name

Groeneveld Group announces its plan to combine all of its activities under the Groeneveld name.

Groeneveld Group BV is going to combine all its activities under the Groeneveld name, with each activity linked to the respective division. GreenCat, specializing in IT and telematics solutions for road transport, will continue under the name Groeneveld ICT Solutions. Groeneveld Transport Efficiency, specializing particularly in automatic lubrication and Oilmaster oil management systems, will continue worldwide under the name Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions. This means that all activities of the Groeneveld Group will be brought under the same flag and it will be clear what the main activities of the various divisions comprise.

Since the Cat4 activities were spun off in early 2013, GreenCat has focused explicitly on Roadrunner TMS, Visual Planner and telematics solutions for road transport. The new approach also increased the desire to emphasize the renewed focus with a new name. It was therefore logical to make use of the strong name that Groeneveld has in the market. GreenCat therefore continues as Groeneveld ICT Solutions, a division of Groeneveld International. What remains is the philosophy of offering carriers one-stop shopping in terms of transport-related ICT, from the famous RoadRunner transport management system and Visual Planner, if necessary extended with business intelligence software, to the modern ATX Android on-board computer with the necessary peripherals.

Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions
The name Groeneveld Transport Efficiency will also slowly but surely disappear. For decades Groeneveld Transport Efficiency has been a concept in automatic lubrication systems and other efficiency-enhancing products for road transport. With the growth of the company and the global development of new markets, Groeneveld products have also been used successfully in other sectors for many years. For example, in the world of earthmoving and construction equipment, in the agricultural sector, for internal transport and port equipment, such as container handling systems. Meanwhile, more than half of sales in lubrication systems have been realized in sectors other than road transport. For a long time now the name Groeneveld Transport Efficiency has not really reflected the activities of the company founded in 1971. That old familiar name will therefore successively make way for Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions, in more than 30 countries where Groeneveld is active, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada and South America.