Donaldson introduces website providing information about clean diesel

Donaldson's new clean diesel website provides information about the importance of clean diesel and how equipment users can keep their fuel clean.

Donaldson Company Inc., a leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, introduces, an online resource that answers questions about diesel fuel challenges faced by owners of modern engines. These engines can be heavily damaged by anything other than the cleanest diesel fuel, and this site sets out to answer the questions: what is “clean” diesel, why is it needed and how is it obtained? addresses questions related to diesel fuel cleanliness and its effect on equipment. Diesel that is technically within industry specifications is often too dirty for use in modern engines. It has to be cleaner than accepted levels, or it can cause any number of problems, from clogged onboard filters to complete injector failure.

“Many operators may not be aware they have a problem in their fuel tanks that can lead to significant downtime and expense,” says Scott Grossbauer, Global Manager of Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions at Donaldson Company. “Worldwide diesel fuel supplies can be more than one thousand times dirtier upon delivery than what's recommended for use in modern diesel engines and, increasingly, owners find out too late that their diesel fuel has issues that can adversely affect uptime. aims to educate all diesel users so they can seek out solutions before they experience a catastrophic incident.”

In addition to featuring the most up-to-date industry news, useful links, breakdowns of the most current emissions standards and an archive of related white papers and research, the new site offers readers the option to ask any question they might have about diesel-related challenges. Every submitted question will receive an answer from a Donaldson Clean Fuel Solutions expert.

“Every equipment manager’s situation is different,” says Grossbauer. “So while this new resource is incredibly useful to anyone using diesel equipment, the ability to offer real solutions to real world challenges is what sets apart.”