Quantum and Mainstay form alliance to provide CNG system to heavy-duty trucks

Quantum and Mainstay have formed an alliance to offer Back-of-Cab CNG systems to heavy-duty trucks.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc., a global leader in natural gas storage systems, integration and vehicle system technologies, announces that it has entered into a commercial alliance with Mainstay Fuel Technologies LLC to offer Back-of-Cab CNG systems for heavy-duty trucks that integrate Quantum's 21-inch diameter tanks. The initial Quantum-Mainstay 21-inch Back-of-Cab system, based on Mainstay's existing module designs and incorporating anywhere from one to five of Quantum's 21-inch Q-Lite tanks, will provide significant weight savings over competing 21 in. systems.

Under the alliance, Quantum and Mainstay will each offer the 21-inch Back-of-Cab system based on their respective customer needs, and will jointly collaborate on business development activities and new designs for 21 in. systems. 

The 21-inch Back-of-Cab systems will offer capacities of 28 DGE, 56 DGE, 84 DGE, 112 DGE and 142 DGE, making them a cost-effective solution for fleets traveling shorter distances, such as refuse and beverage fleets. The 21 in. systems are also ideal for applications that may require unique design features such as Back-of Cab systems for under window use. 

The Quantum-Mainstay alliance leverages the companies' strengths and experience in heavy-duty over-the-road applications, giving each a broader presence in the growing CNG market. In addition, with Quantum located on the West Coast and Mainstay on the East Coast, the alliance will provide the companies with additional spare parts distribution and service center locations to service the growing natural gas trucking industry. 

"Mainstay offers Quantum the immediate opportunity to complement our emerging 25 in. Q-RailLITE and Q-CabLITE module lines with an established 21 in. diameter system utilizing our light-weight tank technology. We believe that success within this industry will require alliances and cooperation to provide the market with a broad-based product offering and the necessary service and technical support on both the East and West coasts," says Brian Olson, President and CEO of Quantum. "Both organizations are like-minded in terms of engineering and design capabilities, and we look forward to teaming up resources to offer the industry lighter-weight CNG solutions for various truck applications." 

"Mainstay is excited that Quantum recognized our strong CNG system capabilities and the opportunities this alliance creates for us in the 21-inch Back-of-Cab CNG systems," says Rod Grandy, President and CEO of Mainstay. "We see opportunities to leverage this relationship in many ways, including strengthening our product offering with Quantum's Q-Lite tanks and co-developing future product offerings based on each other's industry experience in the design and commercialization of CNG systems." 

Quantum will continue to expand its own Q-RailLITE and Q-CabLITE module lines based on its 25 in. diameter Q-Lite tank and system design, while at the same time leverage the existing design characteristics of Mainstay's established 21-inch Back-of-Cab systems for customer applications that specifically require the 21 in. configuration.