T/CCI provides high capacity cooling system for Caterpillar paving equipment

T/CCI has received a contract to provide Caterpillar with a high capacity cooling system for its paving equipment to help lower operating temperatures.

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T/CCI has been awarded a contract with Caterpillar Inc. to provide a high capacity cooling system for paving
equipment that keeps the operating temperatures low, even in the most extreme conditions, helping to improve
operator productivity and safety.

T/CCI’s compressor line is designed to withstand even the most demanding conditions making it an ideal match
for the roller’s paving applications that includes highways, city streets, county roads, lane additions, industrial
sites, overlays, airport runways, and other high­‐production paving jobs.

According to Rodge Brooks, T/CCI’s Director of Application Engineering, “We’re excited to deliver the most
robust and reliable compressor available. By increasing the operational life of the HVAC system, we’re able
to help lower operational costs for the end customer.”

T/CCI Manufacturing recently earned bronze level certification through Caterpillar’s Supplier Quality Excellence
Process (SQEP). The SQEP is designed to recognize suppliers who achieve performance excellence.

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