FPT Partnering with Zhongtong Bus to Develop Euro VI Step A/C Compliant Buses

FPT will provide its Cursor 9 engines with HI-eSCR aftertreatment, which is Euro VI Step A/C compliant, in Zhongtong buses.

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FPT Industrial has established a partnership with Zhongtong Bus Holding Co. Ltd. in order to develop its first Euro VI intercity bus for the Hong Kong market. The buses will have FPT Industrial’s Cursor 9 engines, which are equipped with the HI-eSCR technology, a breakthrough aftertreatment system.

The 6-cylinder in-line Cursor 9 engine used by Zhongtong Bus Holding Co. Ltd. has a power rating of 265 kW and is Euro VI Step A/C compliant. It is best-in-class for power density allowing an impressive 11 L performance in a 9-L package. Thanks to DPF with passive regeneration (NO fuel post-injection), FPT Industrial's Cursor 9 is best-in-class also for fuel consumption reduction. Furthermore, a longer oil drain and DPF service intervals reduce the downtime of the vehicle. Fpt Engine

The absence of the EGR and the use of a robust turbocharger are a competitive benefit for the engine life and ensure an optimization of packaging and installation. The Cursor 9 Euro VI version is equipped with HI-eSCR, the exclusive and patented FPT Industrial aftertreatment technology.

FPT Industrial's innovative High Efficiency SCR (HI-eSCR) system has a NOx conversion efficiency higher than 95%. HI-eSCR represents a breakthrough in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) which was pioneered by FPT Industrial at its Research & Development Center in Arbon, Switzerland. Since 2005 over 700,000 units have been produced and have been used in various applications, like on- and off-road vehicles. Thus, FPT Industrial's technology is also ready to be GBVI emission level compliant.

Zhongtong Bus Holding Co. Ltd. is one of the earliest listed bus manufacturers in China with total asset of RMB 7 billion, net asset of RMB 2.2 billion and 295,900,000 shares. Zhongtong employ more than 4,000 staff at a site of 1,465,000 sq. m. As a leading model of Chinese bus industry, Zhongtong Bus has been devoted to the manufacturing of buses for more than 40 years and has grown into an expert in bus manufacturing. Zhongtong Bus covers highway buses, public buses, tourist buses, school buses, RV, including 5.5 m light buses to 18 m luxury buses, 13 series and 260 models in total.