Federal-Mogul Pokal Industrial Spark Plug

Pokal Industrial Spark Plug from Federal-Mogul Powertrain features a 'u' shaped nose on the insulator to increase resistance to mechanical pressure waves.

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Federal-Mogul Powertrain has introduced an industrial spark plug, the Pokal, that has unprecedented mechanical and electrical strength, thanks to a new ‘u-shaped’ core nose on the insulator.

  • M14 packaging (14 mm)
  • Offers increased robustness for use in new engine applications with high peak cylinder pressures
  • Enables use of larger electrodes, providing increased service life and enhanced performance
  • Unique shape of insulator core nose increases resistance to mechanical pressure waves, allowing OEMs to use more aggressive combustion strategies for improved engine efficiency without reducing spark plug life
  • Nose incorporates cup-shaped cavity around center electrode, improving both electrical and mechanical strength
  • Shape allows plug to better withstand increased voltage demand requirements, in addition to more aggressive combustion setting with higher peak cylinder pressures
  • For use in engines rated between 100 and 600 kW

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