Webasto Thermo Top Evo Coolant Heater

The Webasto Thermo Top Evo offers more flexible installation, and a quieter heater and fuel delivery system.

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Webasto North America announces the introduction of its Thermo Top Evo coolant heater.

  • Engine-off heating technology
  • Operates directly from diesel fuel drawn from vehicle’s primary fuel tank
  • Saves fuel by reducing idle time, warming engines so they start easier and avoids extended engine warm-up times
  • Helps reduce strain on emission control devices, like DPFs
  • Features quieter heater and fuel delivery system
  • Provides efficient 8,600–17,200 BTU/h (2.5–5.0 kW) range and ultra-low power consumption
  • Capable of pre-heating a wide range of vehicle types, from light-duty commercial vehicles to heavy-duty trucks
  • Compact size and new features make it easy to install in vehicles with limited space
  • Coolant inlet and outlet ports at top of heater can rotate up to 180 degrees, offering greater flexibility for routing coolant lines
  • Comes with longer fuel line, universal controller harness and mounting bracket
  • Operates at higher maximum combustion air temperature that allows it to be mounted in more locations within engine compartment
  • Provides ability to read simple fault codes at the controller without need for ancillary equipment or software
  • Can be controlled manually or programmed to turn on in advance via Webasto’s SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 so the engine is pre-warmed when the driver arrives
  • New DP 42 fuel pump utilizes half-stroke technology that makes it up to 20% quieter than previous fuel-operated heater systems
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