Max the Miner visits Vermeer

Vermeer and PT Tech collaborate on a dual engine design

Vermeer's new T1655 Terrain Leveler with 2 PT Tech HPTO Clutches

Max chats with Mark Cooper, Sr. Director of Specialty Excavation at Vermeer about the company's new equipment design features and the challenges with developing them. "Our biggest challenge was the power," Cooper says. "We knew we wanted to get into the 1,000 hp range, and the direction we went with was two engines, and that's something a lot of people haven't done."

PT Tech came in and managed that power. "We were able to incorporate a standard product and reconfigure it." But, there were challenges with the integration to combine the two and run one engine without the other and still provide functionality to the machine, says Joe Guinter, Sales Manager at PT Tech.

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