Flow Ezy Filters, Inc.

Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Company Details
P.O. 1749
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Phone:(800) 237-1165
Toll Free:(734) 665-8777
Fax:(800) 252-1730

Flow Ezy Filters' world headquarters is located in Ann Arbor, MI. Flow Ezy is a manufacturer of hydraulic, pneumatic, oil, air, fuel filters, and reservoir accessories. Specifically, we furnish products such as sump strainers, tank mounted strainers, filler-breathers, tank breathers, in-line filters, Y-filters, pipe mounted suction screens, simplex and duplex strainers, bag filters and basket strainers, crossovers and interchanges to Parker, Marvel, Vickers, Schroeder, Pall, Hycon, Donaldson, and many others. We have been supplying industries such as fluid power, building maintenance and supply, performance racing, logging, heavy and off road equipment, and others for more than 60 years. With $1.5 million in inventory, we ship most products from stock within 24-48 hours.

Key Contact
Don Krause
General Manager
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