Tank-Mounted Strainers

Flow Ezy's tank-mounted strainers and diffusers come in three styles.

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Flow Ezy tank-mounted strainers and diffusers install through the side wall, or through the tank top and into a standpipe.

  • Three styles: for suction straining, return-line straining, or return-line diffusion
  • Diffusers reduce foaming, tank noise, need for baffling plates, and pump cavitation caused by flow disturbance at the pump inlet
  • Strainer elements are offered in 30, 60, l00, or 200 mesh size
  • Bypass valves option
  • Beaded or barbed hose connections available
  • Most common construction: cast iron bushing, steel support tube, and stainless steel wire cloth element
  • Other options include forged steel bushings, or an all-welded, all stainless steel unit (no epoxy)
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