Guardian Desiccant Type Breather for Filters

Air Sentry introduces the Guardian desiccant type breather for improved filtration performance.

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Air Sentry introduces the Guardian desiccant type breather, manufactured with both particulate filters and desiccant, which is designed to help improve filter performance.

  • Provides more impact, temperature and chemical resistance and is also BPA free
  • Incoming air is directed through top of breather, filters and desiccant, but all exhaust air is expelled directly out to atmosphere, elongating life of desiccant and breather 60 to 70%
  • When breather is in static conditions (no air movement), check valves prevent ambient air from coming into contact with desiccant, further extending breather life
  • Machined and anodized aluminum insert molded directly into bottom cap provides strong base for mounting and
  • Aluminum insert allows for use of thread sealant for strong and watertight seal between reservoir and breather
  • Desiccant changes from gold to dark green to indicator when it cannot adsorb any additional moisture and needs to be replaced
  • Features replaceable center cartridge to help reduce replacement costs and environmental waste
  • Replaceable cartridge can be desiccant, molecular sieve, activated aluminum or activated carbon, depending on application needs  
  • Optional Stack Ring allows multiple cartridges to be stacked atop each other for longer breather life and higher moisture removal capabilities
  • To prevent desiccant from becoming coated or saturated with oil, a stand pipe can be used to extend breather away from the reservoir or remote mount the breather 
  • Isolation Check Valve available to eliminate complex mounting as well as prevent fumes, vapors and misting from backing up into breather
  • Color coded compound indicator is incorporated directly into breather and works on both intake and exhaust conditions
  • Provides 25 cfm of inlet air to reservoir and over 150 cfm of exhaust air flow, as air is directed out to atmosphere and not back through breather
  • Features modular platform for use in nearly any application
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