E 068/E 088 Series Return-Suction Filters

The E 068/E 088 Series of return-suction filters from Argo-Hytos uses return-suction technology to help reduce maintenance.

Argo Hytos Return Suction Filt 10827377
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ARGO-HYTOS' E 068/E 088 series of return-suction filters has now been expanded to include more sizes.

  • Replaces common spin-on filters while improving functionality due to comparable dimensions and interfaces
  • ECO² return-suction filter can replace suction filter, in addition to the return filter, resulting in a reduction in maintenance points
  • Only the contaminated filter element is changed during maintenance, whereas the filter housing is designed for the service life of the machine
  • Oil from system return (closed and open circuit) first flows through a fine filter element and then reaches filling pump in hydrostatic drive
  • Check valve integrated into head of filter supplies pressurized oil to filling pump of the closed hydraulic circuit, reducing risk of cavitation during a cold start
  • Bypass valve integrated into filter element prevents unacceptably high pressures in system return line
  • Downstream protective strainer protects pump in cold start from coarse particles
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