Schroeder Industries Unveils New Training Program

The new “Schroeder’s Fast Fifteen” training series will provide OEMs and MRO Operations insights into ways they can improve fluid machine efficiencies.

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Schroeder Industries is brining its 70 years of expertise to a brand-new training concept called “Schroeder’s Fast Fifteen.”

Schroeder is providing online content in 15 minutes or less to help OEMs and MRO Operations save money and increase their hydraulic, diesel, and process fluid machine efficiencies.

Join Schroeder’s expert staff for one-on-one reviews to learn about ways to increase aftermarket revenue stream(s), reduce oil consumption, optimize hydraulics’ equipment space, enhance component replacements, and more.

The “Schroeder’s Fast Fifteen” Program kicks off Monday, May 11, 2020. To sign up, visit Schroeder Industries’ website and click on the “Fast Fifteen” Icon located on the homepage.