International Fluid Power Society announces 2015 president

The International Fluid Power Society announces Marti Wendel has been elected as its 55th president.

International Fluid Power Society (IFPS)

The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) announces Marti Wendel, CFPE, CFPS, CFPCC Curtiss-Wright Sprague Products, was elected the 55th President of IFPS during its annual meeting in Charleston, SC. Wendel will take office in January 2015. 

Wendel has served as IFPS Vice President of Education, as the Fluid Power Educational Foundation (FPEF)’s Chair of Trustees, and as chair of many IFPS subcommittees. During her time serving as the 2011 FPEF chair of trustees, the FPEF and IFPS finalized a strategic alliance that has been a measurable benefit to both organizations. The mission of both the IFPS and FPEF is to promote fluid power education, which is paramount to the sustenance and growth of the fluid power industry.

“I am truly humbled by the vote of confidence given to me by my peers on the Society’s board,” states Wendel. “The thought of following in the footsteps of so many exceptional and talented past presidents, whom I have revered, is at times overwhelming.”

Wendel is currently the global sales manager for Curtiss-Wright, Sprague, a manufacturer of high-pressure hydrostatic test systems headquartered in Brecksville, OH. She has worked for 25 years in engineering, sales, and marketing in the fluid power industry and earned her Bachelor of Science at Kent State University. Wendel strongly believes that holding an IFPS certification for the past 20 years has accelerated her success in the fluid power industry by allowing others to quickly identify her as a proven professional. 

The following officers were also confirmed at the IFPS 2014 Annual Meeting:

  • First Vice President – Rance Herren, CFPSD, CFPECS, CFPMT, CFPAI- National Oilwell Varco
  • Immediate Past President - Tom Blansett, CFPAI, CFPS, CFPIHT, CFPCC, Behco-MRM Inc.
  • Treasurer - Dan Helgerson, CFPAI, CFPS, CFPECS, CFPMT, CFPSD – CFPSOS LLC
  • Vice President Certification - Timothy White, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPECS, CFPMIH, CFPMMH, CFPMIP, CFPMT, CFPMM - The Boeing Company
  • Vice President Marketing and Public Relations - Justin Sergeant, CFPS, CFPMHM – Seven Stars Industries
  • Vice President Education - D. Dean Houdeshell, PE, CFPAI, CFPE, CFPS, CFPIHT, CFPMHT, CFPMHM - Danfoss
  • Vice President Membership - Richard Bullers, CFPPS - SMC Corporation of America
  • Vice President Educational Foundation – Pat Maluso, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPMHM – Western Hydrostatics Inc.

The following Directors-at-Large were also confirmed:

  • Alan Niesen, CFPS, CFPIHM, CFPMHM - HFI Fluid Power Products
  • Kenneth Dulinski, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPECS, CFPHS CFPMIH, CFPMMH - Macomb Community College
  • John Juhasz, CFPECS, CFPS - Kraft Fluid Systems Inc.
  • Frank Fetty, MHM - JH Fletcher & Company
  • Jeff Kenney, CFPIHM, CFPMHM, CFPMHT - Coastal Hydraulics Inc.
  • Scott Gower, CFPS - Gulf Controls Co. Inc.
  • Scott Nagro, CFPS - HydraForce Inc.
  • Bill Jordan, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPMHM, CFPMHT - Altec Industries Inc.
  • Jose Garcia, CFPHS - Purdue University
  • Rocky Phoenix, CFPMHM, Open Loop Energy Inc.
  • Jeff Hodges, CFPAI/AJPP, MHM – Altec Industries Inc.