JOST Intl. distributing Edbro hydraulic cylinders in the U.S.

JOST is now distributing Edbro hydraulic cylinders, which can provide a 205 weight savings for increased payload.


JOST International has added Edbro hydraulic cylinders to its range of products available in the U.S.
Edbro has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for over a century with a reputation for safety and reliability of its products. The new Edbro Ultra range of hydraulic cylinders now available in the U.S. have been developed to be lighter, stronger and faster than competitive products. Edbro’s laser welding technology, along with the use of lighter but stronger materials and new low friction bearings, offer users requiring hydraulic cylinders on their trailers the best possible solution. The benefits of Edbro hydraulic cylinders include:

  • An estimated 20% weight savings over competitive products for increased payload
  • Faster tipping speeds
  • Low friction bearings for smoother lowering
  • Greater lift and side load capacity