Tobul Accumulator Opening New South Carolina Facility

Tobul Accumulator announces it has expanded and opened a new facility in Bamberg, SC.

Tobul Accumulator New Corporate Headquarters
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Tobul Accumulator, Inc. announces the expansion and opening of its new facility in Bamberg, SC. Tobul personnel in Bamberg will begin moving into the new complex – a modern, 30,000 square foot facility which will function as the corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Bamberg. The new facility will expand existing manufacturing capacity, and the $5 million investment will bring 50 new jobs to Tobul Accumulator. “This is a family business that has invested in the families of Bamberg for more than 25 years, and we are proud that we are able to create more good jobs here at home,” Tobul Accumulator President and CEO Jim Tobul says.  The newly constructed industrial building will be in the SouthernCarolina Alliance’s CrossRhodes Industrial Park on U.S. Highway 301.

“The expansion of Tobul Accumulator is due to the company’s global success and continued growth in the oil and gas and off-road mobile equipment sectors of our business. We are committed to our customers and need to expand our capacity to ensure we meet our customers’ needs, and this expansion will provide the means to do that,” says Nick Sretenovich, Director of Marketing – Tobul Accumulator, Inc.