Rexroth's M4 Rapid Production Program offers quick delivery for custom arrangements

Now available as part of a rapid production and delivery program, the modular assembly of the Rexroth M4 control block allows for a flexible and easy configuration in mobile equipment applications.

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Recognizing the high performance demands and tight development schedules on equipment manufacturers today, Bosch Rexroth has introduced the Rapid Production Program for its series M4 control blocks. The Rapid Production Program is intended to provide a quick delivery response for market-oriented assemblies in custom arrangements to the marketplace in 10 working days. The available options selected are intended to provide flexibility to fit most applications and allow for field adjustments where possible.

With its series M4 control blocks, Bosch Rexroth offers a proven load-sensing valve for a multitude of applications. Incorporating a modular design and compact construction, Rexroth M4 control blocks are suitable for the most diverse applications. They can be used to control travel drives in open circuits as well as for precise and stable control of work movements. The modular design allows for a wide variety of control block configurations from a relatively small number of modules, from simple mechanically operated control blocks for fixed displacement pump operation, through electrohydraulically operated control blocks used with variable displacement pumps.

In addition, Rexroth’s interactive M4 configurator allows individual control blocks in the M4-12 or M4-15 series to be designed within a few minutes. The direct access to 3D models, hydraulic circuit diagrams and installation drawings saves valuable development time for mobile equipment designers.