HydraForce Announces Key Management Changes

HydraForce announces Tony Casale will become General Manager of the U.S. Operations and Peter Macdonald has been appointed Director of Global Operational Excellence.

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HydraForce announces several key changes to its management structure at the corporate level, at HydraForce Inc. in the USA and at HydraForce Ltd. in Great Britain.

Tony Casale, who is currently Executive Vice President of HydraForce, will become General Manager of the U.S. operations, HydraForce Inc.

Peter Macdonald, who served as Managing Director of the European operations of the company, HydraForce Ltd. in Great Britain, has been appointed to the new role of Director of Global Operational Excellence. He was also named to the Office of the President, joining President and CEO Jim Brizzolara, Casale, and Chief Financial Officer Dave Nolan. 

Tony Brown has joined HydraForce, succeeding Peter Macdonald as Managing Director at HydraForce Ltd. He comes to HydraForce with a background focused on manufacturing, starting as an apprentice and working up toward roles in senior management for several manufacturing firms in the aerospace, automotive, consumer goods and metals industries in France and the United Kingdom.

"These three appointments will be key factors in the continued success of HydraForce," says Brizzolara. "Peter and Tony both have long careers at HydraForce, spanning 20 and 30 years. Their leadership and loyalty have helped our company grow into the global manufacturing operation it is today. We welcome Tony Brown, who brings additional manufacturing expertise from industries related to hydraulics. Together they will take our global business forward through the achievement and delivery of best practice and process standardization across all our sites."