Bosch Rexroth to Showcase Electrified and Digitally Networked Technologies

At IFPE 2020, Bosch Rexroth will show technologies which are helping create the next generation of smarter, IoT-ready mobile machines.

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Using electrified, electronic and digitally networked solutions, Rexroth is helping create the next generation of mobile machines – harvesting machines that perform precision farming, powerful construction machines that automatically excavate or level, and handling equipment with emission-free electric drives.

As part of Bosch Rexroth’s participation in IFPE 2020, Jon Frey, Head of Engineering and Systems Solutions at Bosch Rexroth, will present “The Hydrostatic Gear Drive Theory, Configuration, Operation and Suggestions Toward Best-practice Design” on Friday, March 13, 9:30-10:30 a.m. PST in IFPE Education Room S229. This informative presentation will examine in detail how hydrostatic gear drives can be better engineered to combine existing hydraulic, mechanical and electronic technologies into unique, compact, dynamic, efficient configurations that can be designed for a singular application, or toward a serialized solution.

Key product highlights and technology demonstrations at booth S-80215 will include exhibits on:

  • New RM10 and RM15 Load-sensing Valves: This valve platform is easy to apply, easy to configure, compact and easily integrated into modern, energy efficient systems. The product features flexible assembly with no transition plate needed between the two sizes.
  • Mobile electrification: Scalable, efficient and quiet, Rexroth offers comprehensive system solutions that open new opportunities to the manufacturers of construction equipment with new 700V motors, inverters and gear units.
  • GFT 8150 Tire Inflation System (TIS): Harvesters with individual wheel drive can be fitted with a tire pressure control system that seamlessly integrates into the harvester’s control and is managed from a standard terminal.
  • BODAS RC 40 controllers for agricultural machinery: The latest generation of the BODAS RC series combines functional safety and information security with connectivity designed to support emerging agricultural autonomous application requirements.
  • New EDG valve block: This modular, direct-acting valve, for implementing hydraulic functions on forklifts, features a custom manifold for mast raising and lowering, which is integrated with pre-compensated, proportional directional valves for fork, tilt and auxiliary functions.
  • Snow & Ice Control solutions: Rexroth utilizes advanced electronic controls and hydraulic technology in our product family of rugged spreader controllers, which are easily integrated with innovative multi-axis and multi-mode plow control systems.
  • Hägglunds large hydraulic radial piston motors: Powerful performance in a compact design, Hägglunds low-speed, high torque motors offer unmatched torque-to-weight ratio and are proven to deliver increased productivity and long-lasting reliability for industrial, mobile and marine applications.

Each day, at the top of the hour, a Rexroth mobile technology expert will give booth presentations on the ways new technologies can help transform the performance and value of your mobile machines. Topics they will address include:

  • IoT connectivity: Rexroth continues to expand the capabilities and potential of its BODAS platform. Working with Bosch, we use our application know-how to convert big data in the vehicle into smart data. We send this smart data to the proven Bosch IoT Cloud and use it to develop valuable solutions and services by means of artificial intelligence.
  • Highly configurable, compact hydraulics: To extend the capabilities of hydraulic equipment, Rexroth offers a range of priority flow controls and flow diverters for compact hydraulics.
  • Surround sensing systems: For greater safety, comfort and performance Bosch provides a surround-sensing system that enables new perspectives.
  • Electronified off-highway systems: Combining off-the-shelf, easy-to-use application software modules with compact and powerful hydraulics, Rexroth optimizes the next generation of drive and control solutions.
  • Trusted Rexroth hydraulics service: Discover how working with Bosch Rexroth for mobile machine hydraulic service makes a difference in machine uptime and service life, with original OEM parts and maximum quality regarding all service issues from help desk and repairs to field service during the entire life cycle of your application.

As always, Bosch Rexroth mobile machine technology experts will be available in the booth to address your specific machine engineering, design, manufacturing and on-site operational challenges. With our deep expertise in hydraulics, electronics, controls, circuit design and electronification technologies, we can help you transform the performance, flexibility and long-term value of your mobile machines.