Rexroth BODAS RC 40 Controllers

Introduced at Agritechnica 2019, the Rexroth BODAS RC 40 controller provides optimal control of electrohydraulic components.

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Three versions of the Rexroth BODAS RC 40 controllers are now available and suited to use in agricultural machinery.

  • Covers functional safety and all relevant requirements of the agricultural sector
  • Provides optimal control of electrohydraulic components
  • Sizes offered in small, medium and large 
  • Features same connectors as 30 Series controllers so machine manufacturers have flexible scaling options
  • Carries out tasks both in the travel drive and in the working hydraulics of mobile machines
  • Fulfills functional safety requirements of agricultural and forestry machinery in accordance with standard ISO 25119
  • Features safety functions that achieve agricultural performance level (AgPL) “d”
  • New security mechanisms protect manufacturers and users from any unintentional installation of wrong software and from any improper changes to settings
  • Reliable connectivity is ensured via ISOBUS connection
  • Communication interface based on CAN standard enables applications to be carried out in tractors, attachments and other agricultural machines
  • Medium and large size versions also include 100Base-T1 interface to meet growing use of Ethernet applications
  • 100Base-T1 interface enables swift data transfer via non-shielded two-wire line inside vehicle
  • Meets EMC requirements of agricultural sector
  • Features ECE mark of conformity on account of a type approval in accordance with Regulation No 10
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