Hydreco Merges with Continental Hydraulics to Become a Single Company

The synergy between the brands of the Duplomatic Group allows them to offer a catalogue of products and services for industrial and mobile applications.

Continental Hydraulics Building
Continental Hydraulics Building
Duplomatic Group

Starting January 1, Hydreco Inc. and Continental Hydraulics Inc. merged their North American operations, jointly increasing their presence in the United States and creating synergies for the distribution network.

This step might seem like a simple organizational or financial change, but it represents the implementation of one of the pillars of the strategic development of Duplomatic Group: the synergy between the brands of the group allows them to offer a catalogue of products and services capable of satisfying the needs of many companies through a single technology partner in motion control.

On December 31, 2020, Continental Hydraulics Inc. acquired Hydreco Inc. Continental Hydraulics Inc. will remain as the only active corporation for the group in North America, while Hydreco Inc. will become a division of the same.

Both Continental Hydraulics and Hydreco brands and product lines will be fully maintained, with their strong history and equity, respectively for the industrial and the mobile market, while growing the US footprint jointly, leveraging the common engineering excellence, application know-how and ease to do business with, thanks to experienced and caring teams.

Both divisions’ locations, Shakopee (MN) and Rock Hill (SC), will remain in place, as well as all existing contact info for both, and active customer agreements. The two customer service teams will now work interactively and will be gradually interchangeable, so that customers can now contact either office for the Hydreco product line.