HAWE eDesign Graphical Programming Interface for Electronic Control Systems

HAWE eDesign provides a clear interface with intuitive operation so users do not need a lot of programming knowledge.

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With eDesign, HAWE Hydraulik presents a graphical programming interface which enables users to design programs and to install it directly on the electronic control without knowing a programming language.

  • Cloud-based, graphical programming interface for electronic control systems
  • Provides clear interface with intuitive operation
  • One graphical notation replaces complex programming code consisting of thousands of lines, allowing even non-experts to program complex applications
  • Graphically "programmed" logic is compiled automatically on server into the actual program code, which is required by the electronic control, and is then installed on control by a click of a mouse
  • Machine can be put into operation immediately
  • Allows users to define basic parameters such as setpoints, ramps, etc.
  • Accessible from anywhere 24/7 and via all common browsers
  • Includes large number of functions to program either the CAN-knot type CAN-IO or the electronic amplifier plug type EV2S of HAWE Hydraulik
  • Programming interface ideally suited to facilitate transition from on/off valve technology to proportional control, and primarily intended for low to medium complex programming
  • Built-in tutorials and hints simplify use

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