Webtec VFD120E Electric-Operated Variable-Priority Flow Divider

The Webtec VFD120E flow divider features a three-port pressure-compensated design and maximum working pressure of 420 bar.

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Webtec is introducing its VFD120E electric-operated variable-priority flow divider.

  • Designed particularly for use on mobile machinery
  • Allows speed of hydraulic motors on trailed agricultural attachments and on mining and construction machinery to be controlled remotely
  • Maximum working pressure of 420 bar (6,091.6 psi) 
  • Offers greater levels of efficiency than previous generation products 
  • Three-port pressure-compensated design
  • Includes electric drive motor
  • Provides constant flow to a primary system while still powering a secondary system
  • Priority and bypass flows can be used to drive separate circuits, even under fluctuating loads
  • Eliminates need for another pump to operate a second system, in many instances
  • Can be used to control hydraulic motor and cylinder speeds by applying voltage to the valve, which in turn controls flow rate
  • Optimized to minimize pressure losses across the valve, substantially reducing energy wasted in the form of heat
  • IP66 rated
  • Available in multiple variants
  • Total flow capacity of up to 120 lpm (31.7 gpm)
  • Remote control is via toggle or rocker switch, with no external control box required (all electronics are self-contained within canister)
  • Various common port thread options can be selected to suit application
  • Choice of 12 and 24V DC motor
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