Webtec HPM7000 Hydraulic Data Logger

The HPM7000 hydraulic data logger can connect CAN, CANopen, J1939 or any mixture of CAN protocols.

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Webtec’s HPM7000 hand-held hydraulic data logger meets the demands of a broad user profile, including those involved in hydraulic system diagnostics, test stands, pre-dispatch inspection or research and development.

  • Versatile and portable
  • Allows repair, test, inspection and R&D professionals to connect up to 48 sensors and create different hardware configurations by adding or changing input modules
  • Eliminates the complex and time-consuming process of collecting data with pen and paper, and manually transferring this information to a PC and creating a certificate
  • Helps R&D professionals developing/analysing hydraulic machinery such as tractors, excavators and industrial systems
  • Allows for the simple collection of traditional flow, temperature and pressure readings
  • Integrates J1939 or CANopen sensors of different type or manufacturer into a single data-logging device
  • Helps improve customer satisfaction and reduce warranty claims for pre-dispatch inspection (PDI) users
  • PDI technicians can provide data set in support of machine/equipment performance prior to shipment, reducing the likelihood of end-user complaints
  • Delivers plug and play functionality
  • Enables the simultaneous connection of up to 48 Webtec CAN sensors, or up to five external third-party CANopen sensors
  • Two frequency inputs or digital I/O are also possible due to a dual-function connector, thus facilitating the simple integration of gear flowmeters or speed sensors
  • Base models feature two module slots which host the CAN input module and/or the analogue input module
  • Base models can connect CAN, CANopen, J1939 or any mixture of CAN protocols in a passive way (this module does not supply any power to the sensors)
  • Analogue input module enables back compatibility with sensors featuring SR (sensor recognition)
  • Analogue module enables connection to current (e.g. 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA) and/or voltage (e.g. 0-5, 0-10 V) sensors
  • Features a 7 in. (17.8 cm) color touchscreen display that is suitable for use with gloves, while additional large tactile buttons to the right of the screen allow operation in adverse conditions
  • Users can configure the illuminated, anti-glare screen to display the readings in numerical, bar graph, dial or graphical display mode
  • Records up to 16 million measured values per test at variable intervals from 1 ms, with a total possible storage size of 12GB (approximately 250 measurements)
  • Can export all data to a PC running HPMComm 7.5 software (supplied) for further analysis or storage
  • HPMComm7.5 is fully compatible with Windows 10 for easy operation and accurate hydraulic analysis
  • Ability to document the date, time and any notes with each measurement enables users to quickly and cost-effectively generate certificates
  • Powered by a battery or an external power supply
  • Carrying strap, foldable stand or wall mounting points on the rear (for fixed installation such as test benches) provides flexibility for use
  • IP65 rated
  • Features a rubberized case for protection in challenging operating environments

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