Out with the pseudo-old and in with the new

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I think the word is officially out: Technology is going continue on its rapid development and implementation trajectory, in no small part due to the ferocity at which we as a society demand it. This evolution is apparent in the new vehicles being developed by OEM Off-Highway's audience of product development team members, engineers, designers and integrators.

I've said before that we as a publication should not just talk the talk by reporting on the cutting edge advancements, but walk the walk as well by investing in advanced delivery systems. This isn't our first website relaunch, and it won't be our last. When the online world announced Responsive Design capabilities to optimize content delivery on desktop and mobile platforms, we were ready to take it head on.

With the new design, OEMOffHighway.com delivers the articles, video, products and news that you love in a sleek, simplified design that translates from your computer to your phone without a problem. 

Your job doesn't stop when you leave the office anymore. Take the information you trust and the quality you've come to expect from OEM Off-Highway with you wherever you are. Enjoy the new site, and let us know what you think of the new design!

Michelle EauClaire-Kopier, Editor and Associate Publisher of OEM Off-Highway magazine