Media Movements

Give us feedback on the ways you prefer to receive information with all of the new technologies and media platforms in use today.

While much of what we do at OEM Off-Highway is cater to our business audience, there too are publishing demands and trends we must monitor as well to continually deliver information in the most current and in-demand formats.

Our weekly company meetings have been continuing to focus on video as the best way to either deliver or enhance the information we are providing to our readers and online audience. My question is, does this make the most sense to you?

You see, what I find often is that the best practice for the publishing industry is not necessarily the best solution for my particular audience of product development team members. Instead, I find that frequently OEM Off-Highway is creating custom solutions for its readers, much like our readers are creating custom solutions for their customers.

What information mediums are you familiar with? Do you still like to read the print publication? Do you frequently watch informational videos? Where do you get your news? How can OEM Off-Highway get you the information you need in the format you prefer?

The more feedback, the better the outcome. Let's design a solution together!