Overview of CAP Reform 2014-2020

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The new agreement on CAP reform reached in 2013 is the fruit of three years of reflection, discussion and intensive negotiation. While continuing on the path of reform started in the early '90's this deal is historic in many respects; for the first time the entire CAP was reviewed all at once and the European Parliament acted as co-legislator with the Council.

The new CAP maintains the two pillars, but increases the links between them, thus offering a more holistic and integrated approach to policy support. Specifically it introduces a new architecture of direct payments; better targeted, more equitable and greener, an enhanced safety net and strengthened rural development. As a result it is adapted to meet the challenges ahead by being more efficient and contributing to a more competitive and sustainable EU agriculture. This Brief gives an overview of the reform and outlines the “why and how” of the new CAP 2014-2020.