Case Study Highlights Navistar's Use of Toughbook Computers for Maintenance Service

A new case study from Panasonic demonstrates how the company's Toughbook computers were used by Navistar equipment service bay technicians.

Panasonic has published a new case study highlighting Navistar’s successful EZ-Tech program, which has deployed more than 3,500 Toughbook mobile computers to streamline vehicle diagnostics and repair. Navistar International Corporation builds integrated transportation solutions including International brand commercial and military trucks. Navistar’s equipment and services are sold through a network of over 1,000 dealers in the U.S. and abroad.

In 1999, Navistar introduced a dealer program called EZ-Tech – designed to standardize service diagnostic technology in Navistar dealers’ bays. Many of Navistar’s dealers relied on early-generation military mobile computers, which were extremely heavy, expensive and lacked performance capabilities. Navistar was looking for a new mobile computing solution that was rugged enough to survive the service bay, competitively priced to sell to dealers and would deliver strong return on investment (ROI).

After careful consideration, Navistar selected Panasonic’s Toughbook notebooks for the EZ-Tech program based on the Toughbook brand reputation, extreme durability and competitive pricing. Navistar first deployed the fully-rugged Toughbook 27 and upgraded to the Toughbook 28, 29, 30 and 31 as the line refreshed. Navistar also offers its dealers the semi-rugged Toughbook 52 as an alternative option.

“With extreme environments like trucking service bays, durable technology and equipment is critical to success. We chose rugged Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers for the EZ-Tech program to ensure that our dealers have reliable technology in place to streamline diagnostic and repair procedures,” says Tom Beesley, Electronics Service Tools Manager, Navistar Inc.

One of Navistar’s dealers, Diamond International, has been a Toughbook customer for 15 years. Headquartered in Memphis, TN, Diamond International offers a full line of International Brand trucks along with a large inventory of used trucks for sale or lease. Diamond International has Toughbook 29s, 30s and 52s, running a suite of International software, deployed in its service bays.

“The service bay is a tough environment for mobile computers, but after six years our Toughbook laptops are still in use, making them a great long-term investment,” says Jim Hinton, Trainer / Recruiter for Diamond International. “The reliability of Toughbook notebooks in our service bays leads to reduced downtime, improved efficiencies, lower support costs and more satisfied customers.”

Currently, Navistar has deployed more than 3,500 Toughbook units to its dealer network worldwide. Navistar worked with Panasonic reseller Bizco Technologies to manage the program. With EZ-Tech, Navistar has proved that a centralized approach to service technology offers dealerships high-end solutions without the burden of management costs.