BICES 2013 Gearing Up for Large Number of Exhibitors and Attendees

Organizers for BICES 2013 held a press conference at bauma 2013 to discuss current figures for the show as well as the large number of exhibitors and attendees the show anticipates seeing.

A BICES 2013 Press Conference was held on April 17, 2013 in Hall B1-B11 conference room at bauma 2013 in Munich, Germany. This is another significant event of BICES 2013 following the Shanghai Network Reception at bauma China in November of 2012.

The conference was presided over by Zhou Weidong, the Vice President of CCPIT-MSC (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-council). Huang Xiaomin, the President of CNCMC (China Construction Machinery Co. Ltd) introduced the improvement of exhibitor recruitment and visitor invitation work, and the onsite service of the next exhibition. Su Zimeng, the Secretary General of CCMA (China Construction Machinery Association) made a comprehensive analysis on the construction machinery industry development since 2012. Dennis Slater, the President of AEM, which is BICES’s U.S. partner, addressed the meeting and wished a big success for BICES 2013.

BICES 2013 is approaching 

The 12th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition and Seminar (BICES 2013) will be held at Beijing Jiuhua International Exhibition Center from October 15 to 18, 2013. Meanwhile, China International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition (IVEX 2013) and China International Emergency Rescue Equipment Exhibition will also be held at BICES 2013.

BICES 2013 is expected to achieve a new breakthrough: the scale is expected to reach 230,00 m2, and the number of exhibitors is going to be over 1,500. In addition, more domestic and international visitors will be invited to BICES 2013. Exhibits include construction machinery, building material machinery, mining machinery, special purpose vehicles, particular kind recreational vehicles, and heavy emergency and rescue equipments, etc.

BICES 2013 is co-hosted by CCMA, CNCMC, and CCPIT-MSC, organized by Beijing Asiamachine International Convention & Exhibition Ltd. AEM will continue doing promotion and exhibitor recruitment work as the official international partner of BICES.

The exhibitor recruitment work achieves new improvement

The recruitment work of BICES 2013 was fully launched in September 2012. BICES teams have visited both domestic and overseas companies to communicate with customers and understand their demands and requirements. BICES keeps adjusting the orientation of its work according to the real needs of the clients. The applications for BICES 2013 from old and new, domestic and overseas exhibitors have already exceeded the number of applications for BICES 2011 over the same period of 2011; many overseas brands are exhibiting for the first time at BICES. The active participation of exhibitors since the rational regression of the industry demonstrates that BICES is an important international platform to display brand value and to take preemptive opportunities. This trend perfectly agrees with BICES’ theme “preemptive opportunity, value of innovation.”

Comprehensive network with overseas authorities and associations

As a leading construction machinery exhibition in Asia-Pacific, BICES never stops expanding its influence in the world. The authorities and associations supporting BICES have covered every branch of the industry as well as all districts. Besides building up long-term cooperation with international associations AEM, CEA, Sobratema, ANMOPYC, BAI, KOCEMA, JCMA, etc., BICES begins to focus on the aftermarket. The top industrial auction company will hold public auction activity over the same period as BICES 2013. In addition, “The First Rental Conference” will be held on October 14, the day before BICES starts, which is a perfect cooperation opportunity for both domestic and international rental delegates.

Diversified international top seminars and forums will be held during BICES 2013. “The World Heavy-duty Vehicle Forum,” “China-Russia International Consturction Forum,” “Top 50 Summit of World Construction Machinery Industry & The Global Summit of Excavators,” “The 11th Summit of China Construction Machinery Marketing & The Annual conference of China Construction Machinery Agents,” are all conferences that will gather to discuss the hot topics of the industry which will help you to take preemptive opportunity of the whole market.

Attentive on-site services

With the internationalization of BICES, organizers consider positively, make serious summary and make positive feedback after getting advice from all attendees. On the perspective of exhibitors and visitors, organizers communicate and exchange ideas with suppliers and put forward higher requirements on the hardware and software service of BICES 2013.

  • The optimization of service process--According to the exhibitors’ feedback, BICES will fully integrate and optimize the service process. While improving service quality, we will optimize the allocation of service facilities, reduce the workload and the waiting time between enterprises, and improve the exhibitors’ experience.
  • Improve on-site management--BICES will actively optimize the plan and carefully select more appropriate service suppliers, introduce competition mechanism to service suppliers and establish complete appraisal systems. According to the characteristics of the exhibition, we will further improve various contingency plans, and work closely with the relevant government departments to establish a quick coordination mechanism.
  • Improve exhibition conditions--Actively help Jiuhua International Conference and Exhibition Center improve the software and hardware conditions. We will continue broadening the surrounding roads on the basis of BICES 2011, optimizing road network structure, coordinating with the traffic administration department, in order to better cooperate with crowds and traffic.
  • Improve the condition of traffic and accommodations--On the basis of current surrounding accommodation conditions, BICES will continue to investigate hotels and roads around the exhibition center, recommended hotel and shuttle bus route and shorten the shuttle bus time.

BICES is always with you

In the past year, the construction machinery industry faced huge pressure of short-term adjustment. BICES will face the challenges together with all the industry partners. The challenges and pressures are the source and motivation for us to build a more qualified exhibition. We will listen more, think more and improve more. BICES 2013 will focus on creating new opportunities for the development of the industry partners and in-depth communication channel for more buyers. We will further help industry partners to win development opportunities with the exhibition brand quality to promote.

BICES insists that quality improvement, innovation development and value are the solid foundation of the industry development. From price, scale, quality brand competition, or innovation turned from imitation, transformation from extensive growth to intensive growth, BICES is creating a new path of sustainable development for the construction machinery industry in the future.