ZBuilder Ultra

The ZBuilder Ultra rapid prototyping machine, from Z Corp., builds high-end functional prototypes.

Zcorp 004 10114461

Z Corp. offers the ZBuilder Ultra, a rapid prototyping machine that builds durable plastic parts that reportedly rival injection molding’s accuracy, material properties, detail and surface finish.

  • Verify designs for form, fit and function prior to full-scale production
  • Builds 3D parts additively using a high-resolution Digital Light Processor (DLP) projector to solidify a liquid photopolymer
  • Duplicate CAD models 
  • Build functional plastic parts
  • Sharp detail: minimum feature size: 0.005 in. 138 microns
  • Parts appear injection-molded, no “stair stepping”
  • Build size: 10.2 x 6.3 x 7.5 in. (260 x 160 x 190 mm)


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