PRAS21 Series Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors

ASM Sensors offers a rotary position sensor with an ultra-flat profile.

Pras21 10177500
Asmsensors 10055038

ASM Sensors adds the PRAS21 Series magnetic rotary position sensor to its POSIROT family. This non-contact position sensor uses an external position magnet to provide an absolute output signal over a 0 to 360 degree measurement range.

  • Continuously wear-free operation
  • May be ordered with smaller measurement ranges in 15 degree increments
  • Output is an analog voltage signal, 0.5 to 4.5 volts
  • Less than quarter inch tall, rated IP60
  • Circuit board fully potted to yield a high level of shock and vibration resistance
  • Easily installed with M3 screws



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