Electro Static Technology

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Mechanic Falls, ME 04256
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Electro Static Technology-ITW is a global manufacturer and designer of Static Control Devices for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). Customers include: Large Multi-National Designers and Manufacturers of InkJet Printers, Laser Printers,Thermal Printers and Impact Printers, also Manufacturers of Fax, Paper Handling Devices, Multifunction machines and Kiosk Applications. Electro Static Technology is a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a $16 billion multinational conglomerate operating in 44 countries.

We specialize in mitigating static charges, induced voltages and random discharges on rotating shafts, moving surfaces, and in all types of manufacturing equipment and machines. Our AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring product line protects VFD driven motors and prevents bearing fluting failure. Please see www.est-aegis.com for more information on AEGIS Bearing Protection. Design and application engineering are available to facilitate proper implementation of static control devices.

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