CASE Introduces the Tier 4 Final CX350D

Powerful next-generation excavators offer faster cycle times, reduce fuel consumption up to 10%

Case Cx350 D Hydraulic Excavator
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*Note: The CASE CX350D exhibited at CONEXPO will not be available until the early part of 2015 in North America.

CASE Construction Equipment introduces the new CX350D hydraulic excavator, the first of the D Series excavators to be introduced in North America. The CX350D offers significant advances in power, fuel savings, operation and control – all while meeting the new Tier 4 Final  regulations for emissions control. The CASE CX350D features an innovative combination of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technologies, which helps maximize uptime and performance.

This system, in coordination with advances in hydraulic control and function, provides contractors added power and performance while running more efficiently. This includes cycle times up to eight percent faster, improved digging force and lift capacity, up to 10 percent greater fuel efficiency, up to three percent greater drawbar pull, and improved responsiveness and multifunctional control (simultaneous operation of boom while swinging, etc.).

The CASE CX350D is rated at 268 horsepower and provides maximum torque of 773 foot-pounds. Weighing in at 82,400 pounds, the machine features an arm digging force of 36,980 pounds and a bucket digging force of 51,640 pounds. The “Auto Power Up” function increases each of those to 40,200 pounds and 56,160 pounds, respectively. Dependent on arm configuration, the CX350D’s maximum reach exceeds 33 feet, while the maximum digging depth exceeds 26 feet.

Eliminating the Tier 4 Trade-Off; Increasing Uptime

One of the greatest challenges related to Tier 4 technologies is the trade-off between reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). Most methods employed to reduce NOx typically increase PM, and vice versa. The CX350D attacks these issues on two fronts: the CEGR and SCR technologies work with fuel injection controls to limit NOx, while a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), VG turbo system and high pressure injection system help limit particulate matter.

Hydraulic Advances Improve Productivity, Efficiency

The new CASE CX350D hydraulic excavator features many of the hydraulic and control features of the C Series models — including the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System — but advances have been made that make the machine significantly more powerful and efficient. This includes a new electrically controlled hydraulic pump that controls flow based on working condition. Pump flow is controlled by a proportional solenoid valve that calculates optimal flow at the pump pressure sensor and negative control pressure sensor. This helps improve fuel efficiency, cycle time and maneuverability.   

The machine also features a number of technologies CASE customers will be familiar with, including auto-idle, auto shut down and boom down energy save (BES) – all which help the machine run more efficiently. Spool Stroke Control (SSC) creates an automatic pressure adjustment to meet demand during digging operations, but without building unnecessary pressure. Electric spool control and boom down regeneration all help conserve energy and optimize performance.

The CX350D also provides the operator with three working modes – SP, H and Auto – that help the machine conserve energy and exert only as much power is needed to complete the job at hand.

Ease of Maintenance and Operator Comfort

As with all CASE machines, all service and maintenance points are easily accessible. The new operator environment also features a monitor that is one of the largest in the industry and provides operators with real-time access to important performance parameters, including fuel consumption, operating hours and machine information. It also features a camera for optimal jobsite visibility and operator awareness.  

The CX350D is covered as part of CASE ProCare – a suite of product assurances that include a three-year Advanced CASE SiteWatch™ telematics subscription, a three-year/3,000-hour full-machine limited factory warranty, and a three-year/3,000-hour planned maintenance contract. ProCare allows business owners to invest in new equipment while helping to make owning and operating costs predictable for the first three years of lease or ownership.