2015 Starts with ABC

The end of the year is always busy for our magazine. Travel is frequent between September and November, making the day-to-day tasks a little more difficult to accomplish. On top of that, we also decided to create and launch a new digital product, the Year in Review, to encapsulate the most popular content of 2014 in a fun, interactive format. Now, while the theme of starting 2015 with the ABCs may seem rudimentary, our content and products in 2015 will be anything but basic.

A is for App

OEM Off-Highway has officially launched its own app to better view and engage with its digital editions. You will still get the same great content on a mobile-device optimized platform for a more intuitive and interactive reading experience. The first product you’ll find in the OEM Off-Highway app’s library is our brand new Year in Review digital wrap-up. In a quick glance you can see the 10 most popular news, articles and products of the 2014 year. Find it in the App Store by searching “OEM Off-Highway magazine” on your tablet device, or view it online here!

B is for Bus

This issue, OEM Off-Highway took a look at what is happening in the heavy-duty on-highway vehicle market. With the triennial APTA EXPO 2014 taking place in Houston, TX, the public transit industry was alive with excitement on all-electric bus options. Our cover story, A Direction is Determined, takes a closer look at a few of the all-electric buses seen on the show floor, as well as major players in the battery, fuel cell and ultracapacitor marketplace. 

C is for Cuba

President Obama recently announced relaxed diplomatic relations with Cuba, which could mean new export opportunities for construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers. Shortly after the announcement, statements were made by several organizations including AEM, Caterpillar Inc. and John Deere supporting the diplomatic shift. See what they had to say. What opportunities does Cuba hold for you and your company? Let me know at [email protected]!