Lightweight Tactical Vehicles Summit

The Lightweight Tactical Vehicles Summit will provide a showcase for the latest agile and adaptive light vehicle platforms.

March 16, 2015
March 18, 2015
Detroit, MI
Toll Free:1-800-882-8684

At the 2015 edition of the Lightweight Tactical Vehicles Summit, attendees will have the chance to learn about the latest advancements for agile and adaptive light vehicle platforms. 

DOD initiatives such as the JLTV program, AMPV program, ULCV program and HMMWV modernization are either underway or on the horizon, and will be topics of focus during the event. In addition, topics on the agenda for the summit include: 

  • An Evaluation of Current Lightweight Tactical Vehicles
  • Introduction of the JLTV
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Upgrading MRAP's and HMMWVs
  • The JLTVs Place within the Iron Triangle
  • Overcoming the Obstacles: Terrain Concerns and the Overall Mission
  • Introduction of the ULCV
  • Airborne Forcible Entry Vehicle Requirements
  • Minimizing the Warfighter on the Battlefield: Potential Technology in Tomorrows Vehicles
  • Breaking the “More Armor” Paradigm

The summit is an IDGA sponsored event. IDGA, the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement, is a non-partisan organization focused on providing information about and for those involved in public service and defense. For more information on other IDGA events, visit


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