Volvo Excavators – “Pump It Up” feat. Dolph Lundgren

Watch Hollywood action star Dolph Lundgren pump up a group of excavators and have them do things you never thought an excavator could do. Pull-ups. Push-ups. Side-to-sides …

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Volvo excavators perform hard work every day at construction sites all over the world. From the smallest compact excavators just over one tonne to the biggest crawler excavators with an operating weight exceeding 90 tonnes. A tough job that requires power and endurance together with skilled operators. But are our excavators as good as we say? This test was made to challenge that and everything in this video is carried out for real, without any help from other machines or equipment.

Safety rigs were used though, but only to secure the safety of the operators and the rest of the team. The result? Watch for yourself. But without spoiling, we can say that our excavators are more pumped up than ever. Pumped up to meet any challenges there are. Please comment, like and share.

Filmed in Kjula, Eskilstuna, Sweden in a closed-off quarry. Soundtrack by Technotronic: Pump Up The Jam