Power Systems Research and IHS Markit Form Partnership

The new partnership will produce a variety of industry research reports.

Power Systems Research

Two leading global research firms have formed a marketing partnership to produce unique high-quality industry equipment reports. Together, Power Systems Research (PSR) and IHS Markit are developing a portfolio of industry-leading equipment reports by industry segment down at the country level. 

IHS Markit is a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. IHS Markit is headquartered in London.

Power Systems Research is the leading source of global production, forecasts and population data for engine-driven vehicles and equipment.

Under the new partnership, PSR provides information from its proprietary databases supported by its analysis of equipment and market forces within each focus country. IHS Markit contributes its global analysis and outlook of off-road equipment focused on the construction and agricultural markets.

The PSR-IHS Markit Partnership was founded in 2018 after the two companies worked together for several years for the purpose of producing industry-leading unique, detailed industry segment reports by country.

The reports provide timely and targeted market insights into defined countries by specific industry segments, with reasonable pricing that provides high customer value. The first product of the PSR-IHS Markit partnership is the Construction Equipment Report: India published May 2018. An updated version of this report is planned for this Spring, and a report on the Agricultural segment in selected countries of Africa is under consideration as well. In the early stages of this partnership, the two companies will listen to early customer feedback in terms of where to focus the efforts for future reports.  

The 26-page India report is typical of the types of reports that will be produced by the Partnership. It contains two sections: the Macroeconomic and Industry overview section discusses the country’s economic background, the key drivers for the Construction industry, and an outlook for the industry.

The second section is the Equipment Market Analysis and Forecast. It contains important equipment information and trends, emissions regulations, a description of the Construction equipment market, and an analysis of the Construction market challenges.