Navistar Partnering With Indigen Armor and SAIC for Ground Vehicle Program

Navistar announces it is partnering with Indigen Armor and SAIC to build ground vehicles ready for special operations missions.

Navistar Defense, LLC, Indigen Armor and SAIC announce they will team up for the upcoming U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 (GMV 1.1) program.

The GMV 1.1 program requires a highly mobile, roll-off mission-ready platform that is transportable on a CH-47 helicopter. To support Special Operations (Specops) missions, each vehicle will be integrated with a full government furnished Command, Control, Communications,
Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) suite.  

“We are eager to team with Indigen Armor and SAIC to provide U.S. Special Operations forces with an off-road truck that possesses unprecedented mobility and is designed to be an affordable solution throughout its lifecycle,” says Archie Massicotte, president of Navistar Defense. “Navistar brings world-class truck and engine integration capabilities to the table and with our partners we will be able to provide quick-to-market products to support the needs of Special Operators.”

“As a company founded by special operations personnel to design vehicles for special operations personnel, Indigen Armor is excited to add to the subject matter expertise of Navistar and SAIC to provide the finest solution for SOCOM's GMV 1.1 requirement,” says John Choate, president of Indigen Armor and former Navy SEAL. “This team establishes a robust alliance that combines proven expertise in meeting Specops mobility requirements, automotive design and manufacturing, C4ISR integration, logistics support and contract management.”

Under the teaming agreements, Navistar will serve as the prime contractor for the GMV 1.1 program. Navistar and Indigen Armor will combine their automotive and Special Operations expertise with SAIC’s skill in C4ISR technologies and its ability to field and provide integrated logistics support.

“This team understands SOCOM's mission requirements and has worked well together supporting them in recent years,” says Glenn San Giacomo, SAIC senior vice president and business unit general manager. “These experiences will help us as we design, field and sustain an exceptional vehicle that has full life-cycle efficiencies designed in from the start.”

The program currently calls for the production of about 200 units per year for up to five years. A request for proposals is expected in late February 2012, with production awards expected in early January 2014.