AGROSALON Sets New Attendence Records

VDMA announces its AGROSALON agricultural equipment show, held in Russia, saw a record number of attendees at the 2012 show.

This year's AGROSALON from October 10 to 13 opened with a new exhibitor record. "More than 300 exhibitors from 27 countries illustrate the attractiveness of AGROSALON for the international agricultural machinery industry," said Dr. Hermann Garbers, chairman of the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association, during the opening press conference.

This trade fair, which was initiated by the VDMA and the Russian manufacturers' association Rosagromash in 2008 and has taken place since then, is meanwhile the largest exhibition of agricultural machines and tractors in the CIS states. In order to meet the requirements of an industry-oriented trade fair, the manufacturers are involved in all important decisions through the associations and directly through the trade fair advisory board.

The European agricultural machinery industry increases its presence in Russia

"Innovative machines, strong industry participation and an attractive environment have made this trade fair the undisputed number one among the Eastern European trade fairs in the industry within a few years. We can be proud of this development," emphasises Garbers. According to his words, AGROSALON reflects the continuously growing presence of the global agricultural machinery industry in Russia.

Especially the innovative European agricultural machinery manufacturers want to increase their presence in the market. "Ultimately, it is our goal to support farmers and contractors with innovative machines so that they can exploit their yield potential in the field," says Garbers. He also stated that this required high-quality machines which are always ready for use. "Because investment goods must primarily make money, as everyone knows."

Industry and dealers work hand in hand

It is obvious that this also requires reliable dealer and service structures. "Good contract partners are the key to good business if one wants to be successful with agricultural machinery.

"In Russia, this cooperation is meanwhile working at an absolutely professional level, which is also the result of the untiring commitment of the Russian dealers' association ACXOD," says Garbers. "This guarantees that the highly important connection between the manufacturer and the customer side works reliably."

Emphasis on free markets

However, only those customers can use excellent product and service quality who are able to make investments in machinery at competitive prices. "Therefore, we will continue to put great emphasis on the realisation of free markets in Eastern Europe," declares the VDMA chairman. He adds that the agricultural machinery industry expected the recent accession of Russia to the WTO to have a signal effect. "Because innovation is exclusively the result of competition. Tariff-related and non-tariff-related trade barriers, however, slow growth down, both in industry and in agriculture."

Continuously growing numbers of visitors illustrated by more than 25,000 interested guests on the Crocus exhibition grounds in Moscow during the latest trade fair show that AGROSALON is developing very dynamically. Interested visitors on the Crocus exhibition grounds in Moscow during the latest trade fair show that AGROSALON is developing very dynamically. The trade fair will continue to take place in a two-year rhythm alternating with Agritechnica.